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Veterinary staff, an untapped media resource?

Team building and staff retention

One of the advantages a modern CMS (Content Management System) offers is the power to publish instantly. Edit an article, save it that moment it will appear on your website. How practical is this? First, it's actually quite simple to do so there are no significant technical skills needed, any reasonably computer literate person can add a new article. This means one can delegate topics at your website to staff, spreading the burden, gaining a healthy mixture of content and editorial styles. Your staff can generate a stream of fresh content for your readers with little effort. That 'fresh' content is important. It encourages the search engines to review and update your site index which can raise the probabilities of your pages appearing in prominent positions on the search engine results page.

One can also distribute editorial duties so the social networks have commentary add audio and video too. There are many possible benefits For example with more specific content covering your activities staff may take 'emotional ownership'. This is a key factor in strengthening your team.

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