We like OpenSource software, here's why...


OpenSource is freely available and the major projects such as Apache and PHP have dedicated teams developing to formal schedules.

There are no license fees with OpenSource software so the costs are much reduced. The server configuration we prefer is LAMP

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
The LAMP system is very popular and is all based on OpenSource technology. We can manage and host your server and configure Linux machines to your needs. System administration is a daily routine for us. We use a variety of platforms including OSX, Red Hat, Centos and Ubuntu for development. This text is being written on a Ubuntu machine! We do not use or recommend Microsoft Server technology unless absolutely necessary. If you are currently contracted to a MS vendor you may be interested in the advantages of migrating to a Linux or OSX platform.
If you need a centralised database we can provide Oracle services. For general use MySQL may be sufficient and on lower bandwidth projects a shared-host can be arranged. Programming for IOS we have a consultant with years of enterprise level experience including java applications and TomCat installations. In addition to this we can also offer consultation on adopting Andriod as a mobile platform. For course development we work with consultants specializing in Lectora and bespoke systems.

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