Establishing your new business, improving an existing practice.

Nearly all complementary health specialists belong to a governing body and you'll probably find lots of information on developing your practice there.

There are of course general rules but it's important to recognize your governing body will also include information specific to your qualifications in practice.

HINT: Make sure you stay up-to-date with your governing body's advice on advertising and marketing as this is subject to change. Review their information at regular intervals.

We've already discussed the benefits of having your own website rather than relying exclusively on the free web pages and accounts available from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, that's not to play-down their importance. It's clear a good coverage is worth while but meeting the demand of updating your various pages is time consuming.

Reflexology Websites for Therapists
Your site as the centre of your web

We've already discussed why it can be important to invest in your own website yet not to ignore the benefits of external sites such as the social networks like FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Remember, there's a reason why it's called  called 'The Web'.

If you imagine your own website 'corporate site is the correct term' as the centre of 'your internet' then we can begin to network out from there. With your website as the main repository of information about your practice activity at google+, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and the many others can be focused on presenting your site. It's possible to 'Funnel' visitors to your site but even if they don't visit, knowing it's there is often enough to instil their confidence and make a 'purchase decision' to contact you.

The websites we build are also capable of interacting with the social media, for example if you have a series of videos at YouTube, you can draw visitors attention to these by displaying them on your main website.

You can also direct Tweets directly to your website so each time you send a message via twitter it will also appear on your main site. Thus, you have a higher through-put of content yet have not spent any more time to publish it. So the modern CMS website means you can take full advantage of the publishing power across more and more networks.

Using the social networks in conjunction with your 'corporate' website is an important way to find new clients and reach by referral. Your website can add strength to your position within your community as a practitioner and reinforce confidence in referrals.

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For helpful advice and an over-view of options and strategies for your complementary health practice (including reflexology, aroma therapy, massage and beauty) can use to improve business with holistic strategies we have an article » here «

If you would like to explore the options of developing a web system to support your practice please call us today on 01327 344410.

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