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Working with a dynamic website

It's easy to think of any dynamic website as a baby that needs constant feeding and changing. The social networks tend have veracious appetites in this respect and one can find hours every week occupied with simply posting trivia.

Now, one might argue that the more content you have the better, after all the saying 'Content is King' is as true now as ever. But the quality of the content is a factor too. So your time working at your online presence is best planned ahead. If you can delegate some tasks such as answering lower level queries and posting images, video etc. you may find it immensely helpful. You may even have time to take some therapy yourself ;)

Use your heath skill set to help yourself? Find time for relaxation theapy from a colleague.

Different types of website

Static Website
The earliest web sites were known as 'static sites'. All content would be added by hand and 'hard coded' hence, one would need competent programming skills to make even a minor change.
Social Media
Basically yes these are dynamic however they are built to achieve specific goals. For instance YouTube is for video and although one can post comments and use numerous supporting features - it's job is clearly defined. The same is true of nearly all the social media networks. Also, as a general rule they do not have a policy for one to use their web pages as a business home page even though they support interactivity and cross-connections to the market place.
Dynamic Website
Today nearly all websites can be classified as dynamic although often that facility is add-in, latent or you may simply not be aware of it. At Famous Websites® we take great effort to enable our clients to update and edit information on their websites themselves, with confidence.
The nature of the latest website technologies is constantly changing. At one time, to simply add a sentence to a page would have meant either learning to program or employing a designer (developer actually). Nearly all the modern sites use Content Management Systems, CMS. This means you can personally log into your website and make changes as and when they are needed.

CMS website are very flexible

Apart from the classic home page, contact page and detail of service, using a content managed system  means you can also add new features such as calenders for schedules. There are numerous applications that can be included to build a 'feature rich' website. Underlying this is a framework that has the agility to respond to different screens too, if you wish your website can change its layout to improve the experience of a reader using an iPad or mobile phone.

  • Have 'registered only' parts of your site for client exclusivity.
  • Edit pages at will.
  • Add new pages at will.
  • Upload photographs.
  • Link audio and video.
  • Change pages on location, even on holiday abroad.
  • Delegate administration, a friend or partner can help.

So you have full control over what is displayed, generally you can add as many pages as you need and best of all the modern systems are quite modular so as your business adapts and grows so can your website. For more information on being a website owner please read our 'Therapists and the Internet' article.

If you would like to explore the options of developing a web system to support your practice please call us today on 01327 344410.